Marco Puglisi: #MayonesDuncan - Paul Wardingham student

Another great solo from one of my students!

This is my entry for the Mayones/Duncan competition.

I decided to go easy on the solo (but it`s still fun to play! :-P) and i think it fits nicely over the backing track. I am not trying hard to win this because there are a few entries that are really really great and won`t let me win anyway :p However, it was a lot of fun to work on the track. Hopefully you enjoy it! I also wanted to thank Keith Merrow, Mayones and Seymour Duncan for this great competition!
..and just to clear things up: My facebook runs under "Syn Drone" which is my pseudonym that i use for all the music stuff. Who cares about real names anyway? :]

This is a re-submission, mainly because my original submission suffered from poor audio and video quality due to rendering, compressing and whatnot...
At this point I want to give credits and a big "Thank You!" to Swiss guitar player Charly Preissel ( who helped and supported me to give this video a much better quality! He mastered the track in his studio and also made the video come to life with some cool edits. :-)
Please check out Charly`s guitar playing and get a sneak preview of his abilities at:

enjoy! ;]
#MayonesDuncan Competition Entry - Marco Puglisi (Syn Drone on fb)