News: Music•PRO™ Electronic Earplugs at NAMM

Etymotic Offers “Audition One” Trial Program at NAMM
For Music•PRO™ Electronic Earplugs

Musical Instrument Dealers and Press Are Invited
To “Audition” A Revolutionary New Hearing Health Product

Elk Grove Village, IL - January 18, 2013  Etymotic Research, an innovator in hearing wellness solutions, announces a trial program of its MusicPRO™ Electronic Musicians Earplugs at The Winter NAMM Show next week in Anaheim, California. Etymotic’s MP915 earplugs activate automatically, allowing natural hearing when sound is safe and provide automatic protection from both loud, sustained music and sudden, loud percussive sounds. The soft sounds of music and speech are amplified in the enhancement mode. Dealers and members of the press are invited to visit Etymotic’s NAMM booth and audition a pair of Etymotic Research Music•PRO 9-15 electronic earplugs.


Designed for music professionals, educators and listening enthusiasts, Music•PRO earplugs combine two of Etymotic’s passive custom hearing protection products for musicians – the ER-9 and ER-15 Musician’s Earplugs™. The result is a pair of intelligent, high fidelity active sound-reduction earplugs like no others. MusicPRO earplugs are priced at $399 and are available for purchase at,, B&H,, other online retailers, select specialty shops and Etymotic’s network of hearing solutions providers.


·       Features of Music·PRO 9-15 earplugs:

o   Protection is active only when hearing is at risk

o   Automatic activation of 9- or 15-dB flat attenuation, depending on the mode selected


·       Benefits:

o   Dynamics and timbre are preserved

o   Protection from extremely high-level sound, e.g., cymbal strike


Etymotic’s hearing protection products were honored with a Design and Engineering Innovations Award in the Health and Wellness category by the Consumer Electronics Association and the prestigious Safe-in-Sound Award for decades of innovation in hearing loss prevention from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Hearing Conservation Association.


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