Gretchen Menn: New Interview on Pure Guitar

Gretchen Menn - photo Max Crace
Max Crace
The second issue of Pure Guitar magazine is out. Featuring the amazing Gretchen Menn on the cover and with some great feature stories and interviews including a Stevie Ray Vaughan gallery by Tracy Anne Hart. Check it out at — with Gretchen Menn.

So what are you working on at the moment?At the moment I’ve been actually doing quite a bit of writing. I’m working on my next album and very excited about that. So a lot of my music time has been devoted to writing. And I’m also working on some new techniques, trying to constantly push my technical abilities as well. It involves a bit of maintenance and also not just maintenance, but I don’t see myself as, “Okay, here I am, that’s all I need to know.” I feel like I’m a musical infant and a constant student of the instrument, so I always like to learn new things.
When do you see the new album coming out?The goal is next year, 2013. Quite a bit of it is written, and it seems the more I write, the quicker things come together. So the goal is to have in out in 2013.

Fading by Gretchen Menn