Jakub Żytecki: Disperse - Enigma Of Abode, Unbroken Shiver from Living Mirrors

Jakub Żytecki is one of the most exciting new talents and he's back again with the latest Disperse album.

Disperse - Enigma Of Abode
of Living Mirrors CD
Label: Season of Mist
realization: RedPig Productions
Photo: Marcin heller & Michael Wait
assistants: Elizabeth Kubik, Kamil Makarewicz
characterization: Fiuk Carolina, Robert Dajczer
Special thanks to Club Bart Factory and Szejbala

Disperse - Enigma Of Abode

From the 'Living Mirrors' album, out on February 15th (February 19th in North America), 2013.

Track List:
1. Dancing with Endless Love
2. Enigma of Abode
3. Profane the Ground
4. Prana
5. Message from Atlantis
6. WOW!
7. Universal Love
8. Be Afraid of Nothing
9. Unbroken Shiver
10. Touching the Golden Cloud
11. Butoh
12. Choices Over Me
13. AUM

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Disperse - Unbroken Shiver

Jakub Żytecki: Disperse - Living Mirrors