João Luzio: Announces new CD - Moods and Colors

João Luzio: Moods and Colors
Moods and Colors is the first solo album of João Luzio. It is a compilation of various tracks he has been writing over the years.

Gonçalo Pereira: "Really good! Very talented and a lot of work as well as a very good taste!"
The Disc counts with the participation of Massimo Cavalli (Bass) and Vicky Marques (drums).
It also counts with Fabio Ramos (drums), Pedro Castro (bass) and Rui Silva (keyboards) in "Sonho Mecânico (em tons de Laranja)". This track is a Tribute to the years João performed with these friends.
Photos: Hugo Moura | Art: Bruno Mira

To purchase "Moods and Colors" contact:
Portugal: 7€ / Worldwide: 12€ (we offer shipping costs) or visit

João Luzio : Moods and Colors - New Album!