Michael Angelo Batio,Rusty Cooley,Jeff Loomis: added to upcoming Intermezzo release

Michael Angelo Batio: Hi everyone. I recently went from the NAMM Show in Southern California, where I signed autographs, in addition to performing 5 shows, for total of 8 days, to Florida to do some work at Dean Guitars - autographing an entire shipment of the new MAB 7 Warrior Guitars and now I am back recording. There has been a change (for the better) in the recording schedule. I spoke with Elliott Dean Rubinson, owner of Dean Guitars at NAMM and we decided to record a new track that has been written more for his style. We have just finished the Drum tracks on the song, next are the Rhythm Guitars and then Elliott will record the Bass track, then Keyboards, then the Lead Guitars. There is also an extra surprise on this song, which is also why I decided to add a new one rather than modify songs that I feel are already exactly the way t hey should be. In addition to having Elliott on Bass, virtuoso guitarists Rusty Cooley (a solo artist and Dean Guitar endorsee) plus Jeff Loomis (Nevermore and a solo artist) are doing guest Guitar Solos on this new song. I know everyone is anxious to hear sound samples and of course, the entire "Intermezzo" album. I'm anxious for this as well! Again, once I get to the Lead Guitar stage, which will start soon after we complete this new song, I will post sound samples and video. Thanks again for your support! Rock, Michael