News: ScoreCleaner Notes - transcribe your ideas for iphone

Swedish DoReMIR Music Research releases ScoreCleaner Notes, an app that enables anyone who can play, whistle or sing a tune to have it rendered instantly into correct notation. You can then publish the results to social media, and extend it into a full score using the notation software ScoreCleaner Desktop.

In 2011 the Swedish company DoReMIR Music Research launched the plug & play notation software ScoreCleaner, a very precise and easy-to-use notation software that revolutionized the European market for digital notation. Now the company has released an iPhone app, ScoreCleaner Notes, which lets anyone play, sing or whistle any melody and instantly turn it into music notation

Songs from the app are stored in ScoreCleaner Cloud. By registering a free account with ScoreCleaner Cloud from inside the app, the user gets unlimited space for their songs. The cloud also makes it possible to sync with the desktop version of ScoreCleaner, to arrange and develop the music further.
"ScoreCleaner Notes is a perfect tool for every songwriter that comes up with new musical ideas regardless of where they are. Just sing a melody and save it, share it or continue to develop the music further on your computer", Says founder and Professor Sven Ahlbäck from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

ScoreCleaner Notes is built on academic research in music cognition, which seeks to explain how humans understand music on a basic level and how to decode it. From that research, DoReMIR designs different products that understand musical phrasing and artistic intent.

"Our goal is to design software which is at the service of music and people, not the other way around. With this powerful technology we can produce a complete product line of creative tools for writing music. The next releases are an iPad app and polyphonic audio recognition for the desktop version", says Founder and Professor Sven Ahlbäck.

ScoreCleaner Notes’ features:
• Displays your monophonic input in standard notation
• Intelligent interpretation of pitch, time signature, rhythm & meter, and tempo
• No limitations with regards to musical style – ScoreCleaner Notes can track composite meters, syncopation, free rhythm, etc.
• No presets or click-track required
• Works with a wide range of monophonic musical instruments including violin, clarinet and many others
• Playback with MIDI piano sound or the original recording
• Allows recording in noisy environments
• Share your song with your friends by email, Twitter or Facebook for anyone to view and listen to in a web browser
• Save up to four songs in your Song Archive
• Sign up for a ScoreCleaner Cloud account to save an unlimited number of songs in the cloud and on your iOS device
• ScoreCleaner Cloud enables synchronization with ScoreCleaner Desktop on your computer in order to edit and arrange songs
• ScoreCleaner Notes is available for $0.99 USD in the Apple App Store

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