Yuki: Tokyo man live DVD D_Drive release date

Sorry to keep you waiting!
Tokyo man live DVD D_Drive
2013.2.27 be released!

ATDV-301: Part
Tax-included price: \ 4,410 (4,200 unit)
Atos International, Inc. Publisher:
※ I can purchase famous music stores nationwide, Amazon, Diskunion, etc. D_Drive live venue.

Unparalleled technique, sense of overwhelming Drive!
August 05, 2012, was held at the morph tokyo
Recorded the first one-man live in Tokyo D_Drive.

01. Hyper Driving high
02. M16
03. Runaway Boy
04. Escape from ...
05. Peach Fizz
06. Champagne
07. Mr.Rat Boots
08. Beginning of the Distraction
09. Among the Distraction
10. Mystery Zone
11. Russian Roulette
12. Screw Driver

Heavy Metal full of wounds. En1
In My Dreams in En2 3.
En3. Cassis Orange ~ 2012 Ver ~
En4. Over REV[Crown THE] 弥 Toru crown: Special Guest