Allen Van Wert: NEW High Quality lessons!

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You have seen his crazy shred videos online for years, Read his E-Books about Technique, Ear Training and Composition, You have heard his amazing instrumental album on the radio, Maybe even some of his music in the movie "Shredder" or perhaps on a video game soundtrack. Well, the time has come...

HQ Video lessons by professional guitarist, Allen Van Wert.

Each video contains a workbook with homework assignments to make sure you master everything 100%!

Videos have realtime, high resolution notation on a real guitar using dots instead of trying to make sense of weird camera angles or seeing around fat fingers.

Videos are all $9.99. Yes, even the ones over and hour long.

You get the expert information in a real life, down to earth format that uses logic and science to back it all up. Finally, you can get amazing lessons at an amazing price. Visit to check them out right now!

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Modes lesson from music theory for guitar part 4