Carlos Arcay: Improvisation over a Rock Metal Epic Track

This video is a one take improvisation over a very cool backing track of JAM TRACK CENTRAL, contained in the Andy James Epic Rock pack. This is a power rock metal style track. This time I use a very nice Ibanez Universe who belows to my friend Victor Camacho. Unfortunately the audio is not recorded too well, so in the future I´ll try alternative methods for recording. Feel free to post any comment or question I will be happy to answer them. Hope you like it!

Gear: Axe Fx II ( 5150 III sim ), Rockit 5 monitors ,Ibanez Universe, V Picks Venom. D´Dario Strings 0.9

Improvisation over a Rock Metal Epic Track - Jam Track Central

plus the interestingly titled

MUNDO DESCONOCIDO JAM - The Fucker Illuminati Song