Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex - Maceo is a fat man - cool playthrough

"Maceo is a fat man" is part of the album "Yumaflex" by Thomas Lang and Conrad Schrenk. The Album is available on itunes, Amazon, Cd baby etc.
Thomas Lang drums / Conrad Schrenk guitar-composer / Werner Laher bass

Conrad Schrenk playing "Maceo is a fat man" from the Album "Yumaflex"

Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex

Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex

Progressive instrumental music that runs the gamut from heavy to delicate -- an eclectic blend of styles ranging from Eastern-tinged melodies, to heavy rock and bluesy tracks all featuring lush production and performed by virtuoso artists.

1 Hindi Jimmy 5:39
2 Maceo Is a Fat Man 4:15
3 Impar Latine 5:05
4 Mantra 7:30
5 Musotto 7:09
6 Nippon 3 4:11
7 Resolution 5:41
8 Sol Distorsionada 5:04
9 Tripola 7:12
10 Still Got Now Blues 7:19
11 Yumaflax 6:29