Giacomo Castellano: Cutting Bridges - Remastered


Digital Reissue from Muso Entertainment Features Exclusive Bonus Track 
(March 6, 2013) Combine Steve Lukather and Joe Satriani with just a dash of Brian May and you get noted Italian guitarist/composer/author Giacomo Castellano. His latest release, Cutting Bridges – Version 2.0 Remastered (MUSO Entertainment) offers up nuanced, unexpected and profoundly beautiful music from a sophisticated player whose unmistakable style is deeply rooted in rock/blues with a surprisingly funky modern edge. Originally released in 2004, this remasterd and remastered edition features the bonus track “Naked Sun” featuring Thomas Lang on drums.
In addition to working with such global acts as Depeche Mode and such top Italian artists as Gianna Nannini, Claudio Simonetti, Raf, Irene Grandi, Marco Masini, Elisa, Casco Rossi and Adriano Celentano among others – Castellano served as the musical director for the Queen musical “We Will Rock You.” Widely resected as one of the most talented and versatile guitarists in Europe, Castellano’s playing style ranges from gritty rock heroics -- to delicate nuanced playing.
On the melodic opening track “Gaztambide” Castellano’s playing transitions effortlessly between power chords and chunky riffs to refined bending and whammy bar dynamics. “L.F.L” is a blues-infused rock track with a rootsy sound that you would swear came straight out of the heart of Memphis.
“Music (Part One)” eclectic track featuring rapper Dre Love on vocals and combines an unexpected be-bop horn section with Hendrix-style guitar licks to create a unique blend of sounds that somehow just work – while “The Dream Laying On My Bed” is a moody, slow-burning track featuring sultry vocals from Rossella Ruini and Castellano’s languid, note-bending adds a dreamy majestic quality to the track.
Castellano channels Eric Clapton on the intimate, melancholy track “Garbage” while “Little Elves” is a multi-layered, unconventional track that fuses sparse an ambient, atmospheric, trance with soaring guitars.
“Ariete” showcases the super-heavy side of Castellano’s playing with the menacing heaviness of Led Zepplin or Rage Against the Machine – his de-tuned guitar to creating almost animalistic sounds reminiscent of birds of prey and ferocious wild beasts.  
“Try to Save Yr Song” features of muted trumpets and (insert) to create a minimalistic, jazzy “James Bond meets Miles Davis” feel. Castellano’s long notes and textures- jaw-dropping runs build the song into an awe-inspiring crescendo. The bonus track “Naked Sun” is a powerful rocker with an aggressive backbeat. Castellano takes no prisoners with his virtuoso shredding and epic soloing.
Cutting Bridges – V 2.0 remastered takes the listener through 13 tracks that showcase Castellano’s masterful control of his instrument and the depth and breadth of his playing styles.

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