Gianluca Ferro: HI85J

Metal, Fusion, Tapping, Immense!

Above are four words that sum up Gianluca Ferro's debut jam track series, Metal Fusion Series 1.

Gianluca is one of the modern day kings of tapping and with this super set of jam tracks he will guide you through a whole array of two handed tapping and how to create tasty arpeggios in a metal environment. Mix this in with a tonne of great licks and phrases and you have a wealth of learning to do over these superbly produced tracks. Gianluca has added a great set of bonus notes as well which will help you approach these tracks with your own flavours, once you have practiced his own takes.


5 solo example tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
5 solo backing tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
5 extended jam tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
5 video performances by Gianluca in MP4 format
Complete TAB and notation (created by Gianluca) in PDF and Powertab format
Bonus track notes by Gianluca with hints and tips

In the mean time here's a little demo loop, the first track I ever heard from Gianluca Ferro... many years ago.

Gianluca Ferro: HI85J