Ioannis Anastassakis: Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars new Album

Greetings to all you guitar-lovin' guys & girls!

Today I have an EXTRA Special Treat for you - something I have been preparing for a long, Long time and it is finally available!
A brand-new guitar instrumental collection by Greek electric guitarists - the very FIRST ever of its kind by Greek artists!
Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars, Vol.1

The project is called Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars, Vol.1
and it includes original compositions by 15 artists (one of my own original tracks is also included)!
The performing artists are my most advanced Greek electric guitar students, all members of my global private online guitar coaching program – called “ Elite Guitar Coaching ”
I would like to sincerely thank EMG Pickups for sponsoring this project and providing us with much needed equipment and all-around support.

Track listing

1. Divergent Steps Tasos Asonitis
2. Echoing Chemical Reactions Theodore Kalantzakos
3. Train to Spinalonga Mikko
4. Cronos Funk Bob Saganas
5. As Simple as That Jim Skordilis
6. Flying Porcupine Sotos
7. Fractals S. Caroll
8. Breathless Jim Nassios
9. Alexithymia Sinnik
10. Eternal Sea Kiriakos Bouloubasis
11. Staring At You Dimitris Vat
12. Predestined Pete Tross
13. Road to Neverland Teo Ross
14. Reflections On Whispering Waters Jason Stefanou
15. The Prometheus Deception Ioannis Anastassakis
16. The Greek Guitar Power Jam Elite Guitar Coaching Ensemble

Here's the CD Baby link, if you want to check it out - and, by all means, send me an email telling me what you think of this project!
Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars, Vol.1