Jax Richardson: F Lydian Legato Lesson

This phrase, similar to some of my previous "My Lick Book - Legato" phrases, I would say, style-wise is a cross between Brett Garsed and Carl Verheyen. At least those are the influences I am attempting to channel. It uses the legato technique exclusively and while composed for an Fmaj7#11 chord it could work just as well as a G Mixolydian or D Dorian phrase.

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F Lydian Legato Lick

The 1st in my series of short ideas that I am currently working or have had for a while and I'm currently not sure what to do with.
This idea, I feel could work as both an instrumental and a vocal track potentially.

If it was an instrumental I think rather than the traditional Vai/Satriani route it may actually suit a more of a jazz structure of Head, Solo, Head, Solo... as it is really nice to improvise over.
Written and arranged by Jax Richardson
Mixed by Ben Smith

Work In Progress #1 - Melodic Waltz Idea