Jeff Kollman,Jason Becker: Jam For Jason to be played at Baked Potato show!

Jeff Kollman
Cosmosquad live this Saturday.. We're gonna bust out some rare heavy Squad and a bit of 'Jam For Jason' -a tribute to guitarist extraordinaireJason Becker. With special guest Jude Gold on the 6string AXE. You remember Jam For Jason.?? Chris Poland, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Watson, Steve Morse and yours truly grinding the axes.

Jude Gold
Jeff Kollman can do it all! Here, he channels one of the greats. (WithJohn Payne) Catch him Saturday with Cosmosquad at The Baked Potato.

I might even sit in on a tune or two :-)

One of the best instrumental tunes of the last 20 years. Gotta love all the different soloists besides Jeff Kollman who wrote the song:

Chris Poland: 3:28
Vinnie Moore (acoustic): 4:44
Vinnie Moore (electric): 5:43
Shane Gaalaas (drums): 6:00
Barry Sparks (bass): 6:49
Jeff Watson: 7:19
Jeff Kollman: 8:30
Chris Poland: 8:47
Steve Morse: 9:17

Jam for Jason Cosmosquad