Jeff Loomis: Perpetual Burn - killer version!!!

Keith Merrow: Buddy Jeff Loomis does a full cover of Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn.

Signal Chain- Schecter Loomis 7, Kemper Profiling Amp (5150), Pro Tools.

Jeff Loomis- Perpetual Burn (Jason Becker Cover)

Jason Becker Wow, Jeff is a monster! Fantastic version!! What a huge honor for me. Jeff Loomis has to come hang soon. I need some lessons! Please Laurie Sato give him my love and gratitude and much respect.

Jeff Loomis Thanks Jason! Can't wait to finally come see you soon; )))

Keith Merrow This is an amazing day

Pat Becker BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you!

plus Andres Ludmer posted that Jeff Loomis had congratulated him on his version of this song in late 2012

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn by Andrés Ludmer