Stéphan Forté,Kenny Serane: The French Guitar Contest 2013

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th
Guitarist Stéphan Forté to participate as a judge, alongside Michel Lâg for 'The French Guitar Contest'! This is your chance to win a beautiful Lâg Arkane 500! Anyone can enter - submit solo entries before Sunday, May 11, 11:59pm GMT:

Watch it in HD!
This is the official video of the French Guitar Contest 2013
Created by Nelly Tadjer and Kenny Serane.
It is an INTERNATIONAL contest.
How to participate? Visit the website
Don't forget to make a video response here with your entry!
This contest begins in March, the 11 to May, the 11, 2013 for the first round


Lead Guitar : Kenny Serane
Rhythm guitar : Thomas Tibéri
Bass : Fred Bidou
Drums : Vincent Fabre
Video Editing : Nelly Tadjer
Merci à "MJS L'escale" pour l'enregistrement de la batterie.

Let's Rock!

The French Guitar Contest 2013