Alex Hutchings: Roland GR-55 In-Depth Overview

Roland GR-55 In-Depth Overview With Alex Hutchings
Alex Hutchings takes us through his live looping setup using the Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer and Boss RC-300 Loop Station. Alex connects to the GR-55 via a built-in Roland GK pickup on his guitar. The GR-55 can act as an Audio and MIDI interface allowing you to trigger sounds from a computer via USB MIDI.

Video Sections:
GR-55 Recording Setup - 0:32
Song breakdown - 1:31 (View the full track at
Triggering soft synths via USB MIDI - 2:20
Playing drums on guitar - 3:40
Guitar beatbox - 5:42
Rock organ sounds - 6:24
Tone screen - 10:22
Guitar features - 11:00
Creating backing tracks - 12:55

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