Daddo Oreskovich: Q.Rich Guitars Divine - high A - 8 string guitar

Q.Rich guitars proudly present:

"Dorian 8" model a.k.a "Divine" - 8 string monster guitar :-)

This guitar has an extended range: extra low B string (.059) and high A string (.007)
The lowest possible tone is the low B, and the highest playable notes are; high A fretted and high D on the pickup pole :-), so that is around 5 octaves range.

Wood: Alder and Maple top for body and maple/rosewood neck.
Graph Tech Guitar Labs Graphite 8 string Nut
Pickups: DiMarzio D Activator 8™ passive pickups

Guitar sound by Positive Grid Jamup Pro XT iPad app ;-)
There are not a lot "high A" guys out there, but here are some great "high A" 8 string players I found on YouTube: - Gianmarc Johns - Marshall Harrison
May the Force and The Divine Light be with you. Peace.

Q.Rich Guitars - 8 string