Daniele Gottardo: campaign has one goal; to help release his second album!

Daniele Gottardo - awesome new project
Daniele Gottardo's second CD recording project … a journey into the world of fairy tales!

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The Second CD

For my second album I've taken my musical inspiration from the fantastic world of Fairy Tales, a world where fiction is stranger than truth, where even the strangest thoughts can come true. As we get older we lose the magic, we are unable to suspend our disbelief and the magical invention that lies within. I want to rebuild those bridges and take you on a fantastical journey.

A Musical Journey

With these compositions I will rekindle that child like magic for you, bringing alive that world that we can recall from our distant past. Each song is a musical vignette, bewitching themes, musical twists and turns, cascades of notes that carve out the musical picture in your minds eye. The compositions are alive, they take you on my musical journey as I explore the characters in each musical dream, setting them before you to marvel and enjoy, just as I had imagined them to be. Each track enchanting, captivating and beguiling whether the romanticism of love or the dark, brooding, tensions of a hidden world, I am conjuring a vision, stimulating your senses and emotions in the same way I experienced them while composing these songs.

This album conception process is long and complex, music is crafted and measured, each note is examined and delivered with the same attention to detail as the skilled artisan. Nearly every day for four years, I have scored, crafted and honed each special composition. All the musical parts and arrangements were created, planned and transcribed by me, every single note on the music sheet for each instrument in the ensemble. Over one hundred thousand hand crafted notes in all!

To write the music you need silence and solitude and so I wrote each piece mainly after the midnight hour, adding to the dream like quality, giving a sense of time never passing. I find that nighttime inspires and motivates me. The process is not one of trial and error, rather the scoring of the musical notes comes out smoothly for me and I capture them at first by hand on a piece of paper and then transferring to the computer. You allow some time to pass before listening to them again, to check, listen again and again, changing once, twice ... or sometimes a hundred times or more!

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