Ethan Brosh, Nili Brosh, Yngwie Malmsteen: Ethan talks about the up with Yngwie Malmsteen on

Ethan has called this his “biggest professional challenge yet”:

“Yngwie is one of the biggest rock guitar player legends of all time. To go on right before him every single night after traveling so many miles is a challenge. Yngwie is one of my all time favorite players and for a good reason, He really is the king of what he does. I don't want to go out there and be some lame opening act, I have to show that I’m really up there playing and performing wise. And NOT another guy that is trying to sound like Yngwie. I will also have fans that are going to be there and I don’t want to let them down. And a lot of people who don't know who I am are going to be there and I have a lot to prove to them, Especially since they will be coming to see Yngwie.”


Joining Ethan on the tour will be his sister, Nili Brosh – another fabulous guitarist we've been following. In an interview back in 2011, Ethan mentioned that “the day would come …” when he and Nili might tour together. We asked if he ever imagined that it would be something like a tour with Yngwie.

“Nili had played in my instrumental group before she had moved to California so it just made sense…I don't have to worry about Nili getting all the parts down just like the record so that works well. I definitely didn't expect an Yngwie tour at all but I was hoping for one. It’s one of those things you think about and feel like it may happen in the far future if you’re lucky, Then it actually happens and your life has a new reality.”