George Marios,Fred Brum,Hedras Ramos,Enrique Berdonce: Live For Today Jam

Enriddick has proposed we did a jam with other cool players over this Andy James backing for JamTrackCentral, and I thought it would be cool, considering that almost everything I upload has a more "serious" note to it. I later knew George Marios and Hedras were joining us in the jam, which was another reason to do this - I find it awesome to jam with people with such distinct approaches and backgrounds, and this was indeed a lot of fun! :)

Many thanks to Enriddick for the invitation and to Enriddick, George and Hedras for the killer playing. I hope you guys enjoy!

YouTube channels:
George Marios -
Hedras Ramos -
Enriddick09 -

Check these guys out for some lovely playing! :)

Live For Today Jam - Fred Brum / Enriddick09 / George Marios / Hedras Ramos