Joe Bonamassa: YouTube Contest 2013!

Joe Bonamassa: YouTube Contest 2013! ends  July 10th 2013



To make a video response, click the All Comments box located underneath the video's information (the same place you would click to write a comment). A hyperlink on the right of the box called Create a video response will appear — click this link. You will be given two options for choosing your video response:

Choose a Video

-The Choose a Video option lets you respond with any video you've already posted. Each video in your account can only be used as a video response one time. You'll notice that your videos that have already been used as video responses have an asterisk (*) beside them.

Upload a Video Response

-This option works like the normal upload process. Simply go to the upload page and upload the video as usual. Once this is complete, return to select your newly uploaded video as the video response.


1. Only submit content that was created by you. This includes video that you personally shot at a Joe Bonamassa concert from the Spring 2013 tour and posted online yourself. Any footage that was taken by someone else or is property of someone else is not permitted. ANY ripped DVD/Bluray footage is strictly prohibited and is not eligible for this contest and will be removed.

2. Only videos uploaded to YouTube after April 10th 2013 and before the cut-off date of July 10th 2013 are eligible. Videos uploaded outside of these bonatube2013 start/end dates are appreciated, but not eligible for this contest.

3. Enter as many times as you wish, as you never know which of your videos will get the most views. Remember, no matter how many videos you upload, or what show they are from, only one prize will be given per entrant to ensure fairness to all other contestants.

4. All videos must have the following information in the description:

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2013 Joe Bonamassa YouTube Contest!