Matt Davis: City of New York, 2013 - the album, your chance to participate!

Aerial Photograph performing the first installment of City of New York, 2013 @ Spectrum, NYC
Help fund original music inspired by the stories of New Yorkers.
Launched: Mar 20, 2013
Funding ends: Apr 19, 2013

Hello, grassroots supporters of the arts!

The Concept

My name is Matt Davis and I'm a guitar player, bandleader, composer, and lover of good stories. This year, I am combining all of these abilities and interests to create a yearlong project, “City of New York, 2013.” This project has me writing music about the people who call NYC home. Each month of this year I have conversations with New Yorkers from a wide range of backgrounds. I record these conversations, and write music that is inspired by these people and their stories for my large ensemble, "Aerial Photograph." The band rehearses the compositions, records the music, and does a live performance every month. The intent of this project is to share stories of people, relationships, memories, hope, failure, love, happiness, and the ups and downs of life that we all experience. Each month is focused on a different community: