Neal Schon: Wins Damages from the Daily Mail for False Allegations

Nice to see the British papers are still up to their normal in depth analysis and research before posting defamatory articles...

False Allegations by the Daily Mail about Neal Schon "It also reported claims that Mr Schon was a “drunk and abusive man” who had become “increasingly spiteful and vindictive” using his money to bully his ex-wife and that his fiancĂ©e Michaele Salahi had turned him against his former wife...

After being threatened with court proceedings by Neal Schon  the Mail admitted that The story was but a tissue of lies and posted this on their web site as part of the recompense for the wrongful accusing:
"We accept that these allegations are untrue and apologise to Mr. Schon, Ms. Salahi and the family for any distress caused. We have agreed to pay Mr. Schon and Michaele damages and legal costs."

Daily Mail Full apology