News: Shred Freak - Guitar On Sky's super compilation album

On the 2013 which many people say that it’s a guitar year, as the leading guitar site on the web releases an album that is conducted to bring a new vision of guitar to the music society around the world. Shred Freak features some world-class guitar players from all around the continents. They're picked up since their dedication to the guitar scene for many years. Here are the greats on the troop line:

1. Hussein Haddad
2. Charly Sahona
3. Claudio Pietronik
4. Lukasz Kulczak
5. Mr. Fastfinger
6. Michael Dolce - Jeremy Barnes
7. Fredrik Pihl - Christian Johannson (In Focuz)
8. Rune Berre
9. Tom Richardson
10. Jonas Tamas
11. Edwin Mclean
12. Haru Timothy
13. James Grinder
14. Sam Bell
15. Paco Hernandez
16. Hari Setyo Budi
17. Sean Ashe
18. Mike Hamel (Encrypted Nomad)

Please support our guitar talents for the better future of guitar world.


  1. You may check the video teaser here... :)


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