Patrick Hemer: More than Meets the Eye Nightmare / MBR Music CD

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Progressive Metal meets virtuoso guitar playing and amazing vocal work in this stunning masterpiece that proves that the Progressive Metal label can definitely include well-crafted songs.

A long-respected studio musician, touring hired gun and guitar instructor, Patrick Hemer gained worldwide recognition at the dawn of the 2000’s as the main man and fretboard wizard of the German metal band HORIZON with whom he recorded a few cult albums, including the critically acclaimed “The Sky’s The Limit” (Massacre Records - 2002) and the outstanding “Worlds Apart” (Massacre/King - 2004) that received a warm welcome in Japan, thanks to the fervent support of legendary magazine Burrrn!.
Back to the world of recording studios for a while after the untimely break-up of Horizon, Patrick collaborated in numerous projects in a wide array of genres, started getting involved in production, and also devoted himself more and more to teaching to become an in-demand clinician maintaining strong contacts with the guitar community. But his deep, unwavering love for metal music finally had to take over again....

Now, teaming up with drummer extraordinaire Tom Wagner and keyboardist David Casanova, he has put together a new solo project meant to display his best, but also heaviest, playing and songwriting to date.

Patrick Hemer: More Than Meets The Eye 
His current album, “More Than Meets The Eye” produced by Patrick himself, is a perfect balance of huge guitar riffs, amazing vocal work and Hemer’s trademark out of this world soloing, all backed up by clever arrangements and Tom Wagner’s brilliant drumming.

Definitely proving that Patrick Hemer belongs to the small club of the best players on the planet, “More Than Meets The Eye” is also a Progressive Metal masterpiece and a must for every fan of the genre.

Now, all the world’s Prog-Power Metal maniacs and shred guitar aficionados can feel confident in the future, they know that Patrick Hemer is here to keep the flame alive and well…

Patrick Hemer - "More Than Meets The Eye" Official Promo Trailer