Sam Bell: Gravity - like a black hole, Sam's playing draws you in!

Full playthrough of a new song idea, its really fun to play as you can probably tell by my face! I look forward to playing this live with Mask of Judas soon.

(Yes, there is a fan blowing air in this video, its not an attempt to be Steve Vai, its just very hot in that room, although it does keep the hair out of my face, so i can see why guitarists do it live)

Well this video is with my home "studio" (if you can call it that) so its all POD tones, live I use a Blackstar HT100 stage. The scale length on this guitar is 27, I normally use 10s for my 6 strings. So for the 8 string I use 9 through to 74 because the extra scale length, and try and keep it balanced through the middle.

GRAVITY by Sam Bell (8 string funky shred guitar)