Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia - Inspire - EP

New EP, "Inspire" out NOW!
Hailing from the quiet suburbs of Plano, Texas, progressive rock outfit, Polyphia, are anything but mild-mannered. With a distinctly thought-out and well-orchestrated sound, the quartet pummels out blistering blast beats, and an onslaught of guitar shreds that blends, seamlessly, with melodic grooves and a humble intensity that never wears on the ear. Capitalizing on a "Standard of Excellence", the band wishes to inspire those who listen with their doctrine of uncompromised work ethic and self-motivated success.

Tim Henson - Guitars
Scott LePage - Guitars
Brandon Burkhalter - Drums
Clay Gober - Bass

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Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia - Inspire
1. Ignite 01:52
2. Persevere (Feat. Aaron Marshall of Intervals) 03:50
3. Inspire 05:26
4. Transcend 05:00
5. Impassion 04:48

released 21 April 2013
Mixed and mastered by Scott LePage

Polyphia - Persevere (feat. Aaron Marshall)