Silvio Gazquez: Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Lesson

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In this guitar lesson, Silvio Gazquez will teach you the second part of the classic song "I´ll see the light, tonight" by Yngwie Malmsteen. It´s the main interlude before the guitar solo. Anyway, we always recommend guitarists to play chords and riffs before trying to shred.
In this case it´s a pretty advanced lick so if you are a beginner it will be difficult to play it. Lead guitar has an endless of possibilities, so let´s starts practicing!
Yngwie, is a famous neoclassical metal guitarists who was born in 1964 in Stockolm, Sweden. He´s known for his neoclassical fast guitar playing and also for his amazing technique. He also was a pionner and he changed the world of guitar back in the early 80s.