Daniele Gottardo: super impressed with Jordane Richet's powerful rendition of Marrakesh Market

Daniele Gottardo
This is the first time that my song Marrakesh Market is played entirely! Thanks so much to Jordane Richet for the effort!! This song is so difficult to play! Congratulate!!
A full list of videos is available on Jordan's channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jordaneR29

Jordane Richet : Daniele Gottardo is one of the greatest guitar player i've heard in my life. he gives me extra motivation to practice my guitar again ! Above all, he's a real musician. So If you like this cover (and even if you don't :-)), please help Daniele Gottardo to finish the current recordings of his new CD  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/daniele-gottardo-second-cd-recording-project

Jordane Richet - Daniele Gottardo - Frenzy of Ecstasy - Marrakesh Market (cover)

Meahwhile, back in the studio... Sound Engineer Ugo Bolzoni is listening to the Bassoon and he already knows that this will break your ass!!!

 Marco Franceschetti Photographer

Daniele Gottardo
Excerpt of one of my new tracks on the new CD recorded with a chamber orchestra and band.
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