Dave Martone: The Sally Drive - a deep dive into overdrive!

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All point to point hand wired hand wired boutique overdrive by 6 Degrees Music
Review by one of the greatest guitarists on the planet, Dave Martone


It is 100% hand built in Vancouver B.C. Canada, using only the finest parts that were meant to be in tube amp applications.

Sally Drive is a low to medium gain overdrive. It has a very tube-like tone with exceptional transparency and warmth. It responses just like a real amp and all your picking dynamics, velocity, even the most subtle touch will be accurately presented.

Sally is also very sensitive to input signal changes. Even when gain is set at max, you can still get nice clean tone by rolling off your guitar volume down to 2. By clean tone we really mean usable, warm, harmonically rich and rounded singing clean.

Knobs are standard Volume, Tone, and Drive.

Your dynamic playing/Guitar/pickups position will give you even more tonal possibilities.

Indestructible point to point soldered construction
Exceptional transparency to preserve your guitar tone
Wide dynamic range and sensitive to picking velocity

What's in the new 2013 Sally Drive?

Powder Coating
Real Race Car Stripes
New Layout & Same Great Tone
True Hardware Mechanical Bypass
Moisture-proof, Electrical Insulated Glass Epoxy Board
Enhanced Power Filtering, AC Protection, RF Removal Filter
Kamaya Carbon Composition Resistors
Mollary 150 Polyester Capacitors
Metal Can Transistors & Op Amp
Vintage Style 18 Gauge Cloth Wire - Signal Section
Silver Plated Aero Space Grade Teflon Wire - Power Section
Neutrik Audio Jacks
Bourns Musical Audio Potenciometers
Dust Shields For Potenciometers
Superb Craftsmanship

6 Degrees Music The Sally Drive reviewed by Dave Martone