Joe Marro: Non-Material Space - the debut EP

Joe Marro: Non-Material Space
1. Beyond Earth: XPE 04:04
2. Star Tunnel 05:34
3. Into The Blue Light 02:07
4. The Human Obstacle 04:10

The debut EP from Joe Marro!

"well done!! You guys are capturing an otherworldly sonic environment. The vibe is beautiful. Will do more listening."-Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Aeon Spoke)

"....The scene is crammed with guitarists obsessing over fast playing, low tuning, and lacking mindset. Joe's music is full of outstanding song structure, atmosphere and guitar playing that you just won't hear from anyone else these days..."-Eric Maldonado (Solo Artist)

"...Joe spent a lot of time in getting his basics clear and later then he shifted his songwriting direction with his reading interests about aliens, universe and other things..."-Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony/Robots Pulling Levers)
released 11 March 2013

MarroTech-"Non-Material Space" EP Preview

Joe Marro: Guitars, Compositions, Drum/Synth Programming, and Atmospheres.
Sagar Nadgir: Fretless Bass
John Walsh: Vocals and Vocoder
Damion Hill: Vocals, Mixing, and Mastering
Tracks 1, 2, and 4 were recorded at E-Mix Online Studios
"Into The Blue Light" was recorded at home
John Walsh sings on "Beyond Earth:XPE" and guests vocals on "Star Tunnel" and 'The Human Obstacle".
Damion Hill sings on "Star Tunnel" and "The Human Obstacle"
Artwork by Daniel de Valois
MarroTech logo by Cara Radom
Lyrics: Joe Marro/John Walsh