Lee Hodgson: Country Essentials 2


Country guitar playing fanatics listen up! Over the 12 jam track lessons in series 2 of Lee Hodgson's Country Essentials you will be locked in and learning multitudes of string bending, double stopping, hybrid picking and chicken picking. On top of this, there are tracks in the style of Jerry Donahue, Chet Atkins, Dann Huff, James Burton and Albert Lee for you to learn and jam along with. As the title states, Lee covers everything you require to get deep down and dirty with your country guitar playing.

Included are the 12 solo example tracks by Lee and the solo backings so you can learn his exact solos. Plus, 10 of the tracks come with extended jam tracks for you to jam along with until your hearts content! Add in the TAB, notation and bonus track notes and you have everyting you need to take your Country guitar playing to the next level!

Check out the examples below....

This package is in association with Phil Hilborne/WM Studios

12 solo example tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
12 solo backing tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
10 extended jam tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
Accurate TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab format
Bonus track notes