Lee Wrathe: two stunning albums available for free download right now!

Lee Wrathe:  Ninja Guitar
2 albums, absolutely free! Check it out!

I decided that it would be better for people to hear and comment on my Music rather than HAVE to use iTunes and HAVE to pay for them. So I have uploaded 2 albums to Bandcamp as a free Download.
I have written a description for both albums and one for each individual track which details the thought process/History behind each one.

Both albums are absolutely free and, of course, feel free to share them with anyone you think might like them.
You can download them in loads of different formats too, so go and check them out and let me know what you think.

The albums are
"Ninja Guitar"
description as follows..
Ninja Guitar represents a collection of tracks that were written/recorded as a means of musical escapism. Put simply, my spare time!
I've always thought that mastering the guitar and indeed any instrument was akin to the enlightenment reached by Martial art Masters. Both take dedication/belief and both allow the person to express themselves and escape into another 'space'..a form of meditation I guess.
I hope, for a brief moment at least, I managed to reach that space on some parts of this record.

I even drew a little Ninja carrying an Ibanez as a sword for the album cover ...how sad am I?
...Don't answer that!

Lee Wrathe: Singularity

The other album is

Description as follows;
"Singularity" is effectively "Ninja Guitar pt II"- The Revenge! It gathers up the many and varied musical ideas of a period of time and brings them to a single point of no return...the musical event Horizon known to everyone as else "Publishing your work for everyone to listen to and critique"... There's a little bit of everything here, from Gypsy Jazz to Metal, from Classical etudes to Soundtrack/Soundscapes and most importantly some melodic ballads served up with my best attempts at guitar playing at a given moment (probably in between some "real life" task/emergency). As always, music is my escapism, the guitar is my compositional tool and this was my journey into the unknown. I hope you enjoy it.

you can get it here

Best wishes

Free! Guitar Album Download! x 2 - Lee Wrathe