Rabea Massaad: Chapman Guitars ML1 and Victory Amp - Prototype Testing

Rabea came to Andertons to check out the latest proto of his ML1-Rabea model from Chapman guitars. The mods he requests in the video have all been implemented & the 1st batch of his signature guitar is arriving in July 2013 - you can find out more here - http://www.andertons.co.uk/solid-body...

We also happened to have a prototype amp from Victory amps, but at the time of posting this video all I can say is that Victory amps are still in the process of finalising the design, spec, look & price of this amp, so there isn't much else I can tell you! However, if you're watching this video after July 2013 then I expect Victory will have its own web site by then & who knows - we may even have some in stock at Andertons!

Chapman Guitars ML1-Rabea Massaad Prototype Testing