Andee Blacksugar: Sheer Velocity - Occult Jazz - new new album of terrifying licks

Andee Blacksugar: Sheer Velocity - Occult Jazz
Those who purchase Occult Jazz during the week of JUNE 24 2013 are eligible to receive a free, 25-minute video lesson featuring tutorials on some of the album's riffs, plus a segment on exercises/warming up.
Since not everyone who downloads this album will necessarily want the video lesson, those who do should simply include a simple note with your purchase: "SEND VIDEO!"
The video lesson will be emailed at the end of the week.
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1. ABCDEFG 01:37
2. D.W.I. (Driving While Insane) 02:00
3. Obligatory Shuffle 02:55
4. Dragon Droppings 03:28
5. Turban Fleas 03:12
6. The Polymath 03:04
7. Tom Baker's Locria 03:38
8. Bkln Penthouse Blues 03:42
9. The Centipede 02:55
10. Clocktower Noose 03:11
11. Bells 02:56
12. Katey Segal 03:15
13. Occult Jazz 02:00
14. Lydia's Rain 03:20
15. Venus 02:42

Download the Occult Jazz album at any time and receive two bonus tracks: "Death by Diatomaceous Earth" and "El Jimador"
  • released 24 June 2013 
  • all sounds by Andee Blacksugar 
  • written by Andee except "Venus" (Robbie van Leeuwen) 
  • thanks to Tracy for help on the cover art! 

SHOUT OUTS to Tom King (Atomic Amps), Joe Waltz and Alan Chaput (Eventide Stompboxes), M@ Picone (Fractal Audio) and Steve Blucher (DiMarzio pickups) for invaluable assistance with gear.

praise for earlier Sheer Velocity releases:

"A precision-fingered assemblage of daredevil works...its exotic geometries will be impressed in the fertile fields of your musical mind" - FRACTAL AUDIO

"Like early Steve Vai with Rob Zombie producing. Really clever compositions and soundscapes...the best guitar album I've heard in years!" - ANDY WOOD, Down From Up

"F**king amazing!" - DUG PINNICK (King's X)

"Dude you are the SICKEST!" - VERNON REID (Living Colour)


"Sounds like Jeff Beck on acid" - Fabrice Pieri

"Andee Blacksugar is on another planet." - D. A. Karkos

"Guaranteed to: rattle your brain/twist your ear drums in knots/make you feel like you've fallen into a gigantic kaleidoscope/make you feel like you're fleeing a futuristic city that's about to explode while riding on a magic carpet as you're being pursued by sexy shape-shifters in a space ship." - Teague Clements

"This reminds me of the first time I listened to Flex-Able from Steve Vai" - Chad Von Haden

"If you play guitar, this may be frustrating for you. This guy creates more top notch music than anyone I know!!" - Matt Farley

"Fusion, jazz, metal, how about just plain brilliant. Fasten your seat belts. Another can of whup ass from Andee Blacksugar." - Hank Dunne

"The Salvador Dali of guitar" - Jeff Campbell