Brice Delage: Percussive Guitar... Percussion Guitar... Guitar Percussion... Gperc!!!

Gperc ? What is it ?

Percussive Guitar... Percussion Guitar... Guitar Percussion... Gperc !

Gperc is a percussion for electric guitar. It is a removable plate attached to the upper part of the guitar. Various percussion sounds are made by the standard guitar playing, and strumming techniques used by guitarists.

This is an innovative musical concept, and a totally new musical instrument invented by French guitarist/guitar teacher Frédéric Riedel.

The Gperc sound is a natural percussion sound. It is the result of the percussion plate vibrations captured by a piezoelectric pickup. Gperc does not involve any simulation nor any percussion sound samples of any sort.

Imagine how Gperc could open up new musical horizons...

Why a crowfunding campaign ?

Launching a innovative product is more than ever a real challenge. So we thought we could seek help from the guitar lovers, and innovation lovers out there.

• Any contribution is important to build a project, even the smallest.
• Any contribution deserves a compensation.

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule is to fund :

• The production of a first batch of Gperc kits for electric guitars.
• Research & development for future versions of Gperc, especially a version for
acoustic guitars.

Gperc on Ulule :

Gperc - la guitare percussion par Brice Delage