Daddo Oreskovich: Daddo JamUp FX Pack

My own FX pack for "JamUp" - one of the best guitar simulation iOS apps out there. The patches presented:

- Crunch/Classic Distortion
- Heavy Metal Rhythm
- Heavy Metal Lead
- Clean
- Acoustic Simulator
- Acoustic Guitar

All patches can be downloaded from JamUp app "shared preset" section.

Copyright note: All music and performance in this video is owned and performed my me. JamUp logo is used with the permission of the "Positive Grid" company.

Daddo JamUp FX Pack

Plus a new lesson

This is a simplified version of my tune "Silver Gate". It is a real challenge to all intermediate guitarists, and great review for every advanced player.

This is classic heavy metal tune with melodic approach, kind of like Marty Friedman-ish style. The key of this tune is accuracy in left hand slides and right hand sweep picking.

In this upper tempo tune, you can improve your string bending, alternate picking, and arpeggio playing skills. One of the most challenging techniques here is arpeggio-sliding, which requires very accurate left hand forth finger sliding.

Have fun and become even better shredder ;-)