Kirk Fletcher: USC Thornton Music School

I would like to thank my good friend and LAX saviour David N. Zuckerman for letting me know about Kirk Fletcher...

David says:
He has the ability...and after his tour with euros...and he is singing...his time has come....He is playing on the level of the outer stratosphere.
And he is a natural...people like him...and his is real.
A smiling bundle of joy with an easy going diva here... and pure genius.

So I check the guy out... and you know what? It turns out David is on the money!

Find out more from Kirk's web site

So check out this series:

Prosound Communications Inc. presents a series of performance/clinics featuring the best of the Xotic endorsement roster at specially chosen dealers, venues and schools around the country, introducing and demonstrating the new line of Xotic, EWS and Raw Vintage pickups and accessories. One of the first in this series, "Surviving as an Independent Artist," features Jeffrey A. Rivera, Artist Relations for Xotic Guitars with very special musical guest Kirk Fletcher, and presenting some of USC's finest students sitting in. With special thanks to The USC Thornton School of Music Studio/Jazz Guitar Department.

You can see more video clips at the following page.

Kirk Fletcher: USC Thornton Music School