Rob Chappers: Orange OR100 - Twin Channel Valve Head and the Vox TB35 Tube Amp

I love this amp, I genuinely think it's one of Orange's best to date. The retro "Pics Only" styling blended with the updated valve technology and switchable practicality it's the OR100 in a league of it's own.  If you need soaring gain sounds and buttery cleans then this is one to check out.


Chappers Demo's The Orange OR100 - Twin Channel Valve Head

Chappers & the Captain go all QVC on you with this cracking offer on the Vox TB35 all valve combos. There are 2 versions of the TB35 - the C1 is a 35w 1x12, and the C2 is a 35w 2x12 combo. Whilst the origins of the amp are from the AC30, the TB35 is far more American sounding, with a sparkly clean channel & vintage sounding, grumbly, dirty channel. At 35w both these amps are capable gigging machines!

At half the original UK price these amps represent about the best value all tube amps avaialable right now. So if vintage American tones are your thang, & you want to bag a bargain, follow one of these links....

Vox TB35C1 -
Vox TB35C2 -
Vox TB35 Tube Amp Demo - Half Price Clearout!