William Stravato: Scale pentatoniche - (in Italian)

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Hello musicoffili and youtubers, today we are delighted to present you a new didactic column edited by another of the great music professionals in Italy, a great friend and collaborator of MusicOff, William Stravato. William was formed studying at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Los Angeles with masters like Scott Henderson, Mike Miller, Brett Garsed, Mike Stern, and Frank Gambale.
examine him today with the pentatonic scales and the use of it in his playing, not only in solo, but also in the construction of the agreements. How is it now out of habit MusicOff, this will not only be a new series of instructional videos, but a real full immersion in style and ways of dealing with the music of a great professional.

Scale pentatoniche - William Stravato | A lezione dai professionisti