Brennan Dylan: ripping it up for T.E.N. & Friends Contest

This is the second video I shot for T.E.N & Friends Contest. There was something just not right about the first one but I couldn't put my finger on it until I started playing yesterday. I'm sponsored by Gary Kramer Guitar and have 2 of their guitars. The one I usually use is called 'Animal' because its a wild SOB that was made to howl like a jungle beast and can take a pounding. That is the one I used for my 1st contest idea but I didn't really like it because the sound just wasn't there. 'Animal' is higher pitched than my orange GKG. So after a few tries yesterday I put 'Animal' back in its cage and gave my orange one a go. I thoroughly enjoyed playing to the backing track and am happy with the way this video turned out. I hope you enjoy it as well.

T.E.N. & Friends Contest- Brennan Dylan

Ten and Friends competition