David T Chastain,Leather Leone: The circle is complete, back in the studio recording!

Leather Leone (vocals) and David T. Chastain (guitar) have been demoing new music since January in an attempt "to see if we have any magic left," the singer tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET. She adds: "And it appears we are conjuring up the spirit one more time. We are currently in the studio to start tracking." They are joined in CHASTAIN's current lineup by original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and the group's latest addition, drummer Stian Kristoffersen (PAGAN'S MIND, FIREWIND).

Says David: "We are trying to write and record music that is expected of us, but with some modern twists and turns. "We demoed up 20 tracks and it was difficult to leave any of the them off the CD.

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