George Marios: adds a special Sofia and gets Peppermint!

Photo by Livia Bonadio
Hi guys,

Peppermint here!  We've uploaded a little promo of the material we've been working on.  Make sure to 'like' our facebook page and get in touch if you want us to play in your local bar,event or any other occasion. Thank for watching, Sofia and George (aka Peppermint)
" ...hits with a twist"

Peppermint's journey began in November 2012, with a little help from a thing called the internet...
George came across a recording of Sofia's work, through an email sent by a producer they were both working with at the time. Blown away by Sofia's powerful yet soulful vocal performances,George got in touch with her straight away in order to form an acoustic duo.
After an afternoon of music banter and ham sandwiches they decided to take over the world…or for now, just London…by spicing up well known songs. Into a couple of rehearsals, Peppermint started to shape their funky sound full of vocal harmonies and groove-tastic Guitar chops.
Peppermint are currently gigging all around London and, if you are lucky, you can catch them busking in Camden whenever the sun is out….
If you would like to have Peppermint play at your House, Bar, Pool, Theatre, Arena or any other event just drop them an email -

Peppermint, London based Acoustic Duo Promo