Kris G: Meet Darth Ear

Here's a video of me playing this Dream Theater inspired exam piece. It features a zoomed in shot of the guitar solo to help you with your own improvisation. I am not a phrasing god but I hope you can get some ideas out of it. Enjoy!!! :)

Rockschool 2012 Syllabus Grade 8 piece "Meet Darth Ear" (Progressive Rock/Metal)

Gear used:

Cort X-6SM
Planet Waves Circuit Breaker cables
Line 6 POD HD500
M-Audio Fast Track USB

Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar - Meet Darth Ear (720p HD)

Here's my take on the Dream Theater inspired Rockschool Grade 8 piece called "Meet Darth Ear". Enjoy!

Meet Darth Ear (Rockschool 2012 - Grade 8)