Allen Van Wert: Endless Sacrifice

I took my jamplay footage and decided to make a cheezy "music video" with way too many effects and me acting weird haha. Anyway. I wasn't gonna post this but screw it maybe someone will have a laugh.. By the way jamplay videos are not cheezy like this at all. HD quality with no queer FX. USE THE CODE: 21DCE1A68F You will get a free no BS involved trial to check out my Live lessons, Hours of detailed video lessons in HD. Backings and Tabs! Some other song lessons by Allen on are...

"Turkish March" - Mozart
Allen Van Wert teaches his neo-classical rendition of this Mozart masterpiece.
Length: 33:18

"Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" - ZZ Top
Allen Van Wert covers the ZZ Top classic "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers."
Length: 24:58

"Angry Again" - Megadeth
Allen Van Wert teaches this Megadeth classic.
Length: 41:01

"Seventeen" - Winger
Learn this classic hair metal song by the band Winger.
Length: 67:00

"Hangar 18" - Megadeth
Allen Van Wert teaches this epic Megadeth song that has no less than 11 guitar solos.
Length: 120:00

"Come As You Are" - Nirvana
Allen teaches this song from the great American grunge band Nirvana.
Length: 16:57

"Lithium" - Nirvana
Allen Van Wert teaches this classic grunge song from the album Nevermind.
Length: 20:17

"Endless Sacrifice" - Dream Theater
Resident JamPlay metallurgist Allen Van Wert tackles the 11 minute epic "Endless Sacrifice" by Dream Theater. Allen meticulously explains all of John Petrucci's guitar parts...
Length: 79:14

"Pull Me Under" - Dream Theater
Here is a lesson on Dream Theater's most popular song. Recognizable by its brooding clean intro and brutal distorted rhythms, this song is a must learn for metal guitarists....
Length: 120:06

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