Andy Gillion: Daemoness Cimmerian custom gets a right seeing to!

My new Daemoness Cimmerian custom - " Valkyrie's Curse".

The guitar has a 25" inch scale and a custom neck profile. The body is mahogany, with a flame maple top and American rock maple neck. Hardware is hipshot, with Bare Knuckle Pickups Blackhawks. Frets are Evo gold extra jumbo. The Valkyrie artwork (by Dylan Humphries) was achieved by spraying the guitar a trans black in the standard way and then scraping back the laquer with a stanley knife. Some of the darker shadows are touched in with black pigment.

Can't stress enough how awesome these guitars are, and they will make whatever you desire to the finest detail. Check them out on the links below!

There will be serious videos with the guitar to follow, but until then, let's just enjoy one of the finest musical ensembles ever to grace the airwaves - "Freak Me", Another Level.

My New Daemoness Guitar