Denny Ilett: Bourbon Street Blues Volume 2 from

Blues, New Orleans Style

The second series of Denny's Bourbon Street Blues revisits the theme of New Orleans inspired grooves as seen in the extremely popular first volume. The tracks are created live with Denny's band once again and Denny purposely created them with simple chord sequences to give you plenty of space to explore and develop your own soloing ideas.

As we expect from Denny, his solo improvisations are perfectly executed and hugely inspiring. Denny always states that you should make your solos as 'speech-like as possible; sing as you play' and that is exactly what he does. Once you have nailed his solos move onto creating your own ideas. The included track notes from Denny will be a big help in this.

Mixing New Orleans, classic Blues, classic minor 12/8 blues, a jazz/shuffle and a bit of funk Bourbon Street Blues Vol.2 is once again a superb set of jam tracks from Denny, perfect for any player of any level to learn, master and jam with.

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